Thanks to the many years I spent studying Spanish (and then forgetting it), I was able to determine that this cosplay was, in fact, the real deal. Behold, the might and fury of Kratos. He slices. He dices. He dares to challenge the gods in the name of sweet vengeance.  Better yet, if you’ve gotten your hands on the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat today, you may have noticed this hulking antihero invading your challenge ladder.  Although he may not have looked as lifelike as this!

I am scared of this face.

Brazil’s Lexedur hath brought us Kratos, clad in Ares armor. The make-up and detailing here are jaw-droppingly good. Lexedur also knows how to convey pretty convincing rage. The picture above chills me to the bone and assures me that as long as I never meet Kratos in real life, I will probably live to a ripe old age.

Fresh from Hades.

These few photos I’ve found have been wonderful. I don’t often see cosplayers don armor – most opt to bathe in body paint and flex for the camera. However, this doesn’t always end in success.  Frankly, I’d rather see armor like this displayed in all its Grecian glory. Lexedur does not disappoint and also manages to pull off the bald look quite well.

Yeah, don't mess with that...

"Da Da?"

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