After what has seemed and felt like an eternity, Crytek has finally revealed details on their upcoming Crysis 2 Editor and Software Development Kit.

On the CryMOD website, Cevat Yerli, the CEO and President of Crytek announced that the SDK would be fucking free, and anyone can use it for any uses. Want to make a sick multiplayer map or build a giant dicktits out of cars?

Well in August 2011 that’ll become a reality as Crytek launches their free SDK as well as the entire contents of their CryENGINE 3. If you just want to make free content, well you can do that for free, but Crytek has also offered to help people commercialize their content.

With the furor surrounding their limited PC support and buggy launch, Crytek was labeled a number of things, but by launching this amazing PC content, for free, it really does a lot in my eyes to help Crytek become the PC friendly developers they once were.

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