Pokédex 3D will be a new FREE application that will, supposedly, be one of the first Nintendo 3DS eShop titles.  This application will allow Pokémon fans to view the Unova Pokémon (AKA the Pokémon from the Black and White games) in 3D along with their information, such as moves.

While this may sounds somewhat straightforward and boring, it’s not.  Pokédex 3D will actually turn into a game of sorts because players only start out with the information for 16 Pokémon.  The player will be urged to use SpotPass, trade information with friends, or to scan QR codes to unlock more Pokédex entries.  Pokédex 3D will also take advantage of AR cards so that Pokémon fans can take pictures of their Pokémon in 3D.

Enjoy some screens of the game/application below.

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