Remember Homefront?  Of course you do.  It was written by the famed John Milius (Red Dawn, Apocalypse Now) It sold rather well off the starting line, and it was reviewed into the depths of mediocrity.  Exceptions of course being made for certain awesomesauce outlets such as RipTen (hey, that’s us!) who gave it an 8.5.

Anyhoo, THQ has for whatever reason decided to close down the game’s developer, New York based KAOS studios for “strategic realignment.”  Perhaps they will be Kaotic Neutral now?  Yes, I made a DnD joke, deal with it.

However, reports say that Homefront 2 is still being developed despite this closure.

The new game will be developed by THQ Montreal, which I hear is somewhere near Eidos Montreal.  Maybe they can ask them how to make a better game this time around.  Now excuse me while I run from Gavin Bard and his flaming steed of narrative.

via [RPS]