Winner: Saint’s Row: The Third

Why We Picked It: We can’t remember the last time we sat in an E3 presentation where everyone died laughing for 15 minutes straight. We can’t remember the last time we’d seen an open world game this over the top, this ridiculous, this free, this fun, this imaginative, this downright fucking crazy. Dave said it was as if someone went into his head and pulled out a video game. God help us all.


Winner: FIFA 12

Why We Picked It: FiFa is the most popular sports game in the world for a reason. It’s the best looking, best playing, and it’s constantly improving. With the best visuals and physics to date, new precision dribbling, and guarding controls and a roster made up of all your favorite footballers, be prepared to be playing FiFa 12 well into 2013.


Winner: SSX

Why We Picked It: SSX is back and not a moment too soon. It’s been too damn long since the world has had a good snowboarding game, and even longer since we had one that was this over the top, and so downright fun. The new dynamic terrain system which shapes the mountain based off your tricks looks pretty damn sweet, and we cant wait to see how it plays out, brah!


Winner: End of Nations

Why We Picked It: End of Nations is a new and innovative MMORTS title that has its sights set on redefining and providing a much needed breathe of fresh air into a stale genre. Developer Petroglyph Games has created a title that delivers unit progression and global experience, with a mixture of intuitive gameplay and new ideas.

Combining the best elements of MMO games including persistant levelling up, unit upgrades and unlockable gear, plus the tried and true core mechanics RTS fans love, End of Nations will allow up to 50 players to compete against each other at once across a unique and realistic map of the world to control sectors and win territories.


Winner: Arma III

Why We Picked It: The ArmA series has represented the pinnacle of Military simulation for years now and Bohemia Interactive shows no signs of slowing down. With a new and improved engine, amazing open world gameplay, meticulous attention to detail, and military knowledge that’s second to none, ArmA III is the benchmark for military simulations.


Winner: Rocksmith

Why We Picked It: Finally, a real music game for real musicians that lets you plug your real guitar into it. This is the game guitar players and wannabe guitar players have been waiting for and it looks, plays and sounds magnificent. Let’s just hope it;s not too little, too late for this dying genre. If so, it’ll be music to our ears.


Winner: Dance Central 2

Why We Picked It: We like dancing. We like good music. This game has both, but what makes a winner is the fun factor. This got us up, moving, and laughing… At the same time. While we may be purists who hearken back to the days of Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Central 2 challenges the four-directional standard and reminds us of what dancing should look like. With the freestyle mode in place, players can get creative and go crazy as the Kinect records your sweet moves and play them back to you, this time without the restriction of being the only one on camera. There’re are no controllers, no annoying attachments. Just you and the music. And a Kinect camera. You can’t beat that.


Winner: Fable – The Journey

Why We Picked It: It’s not on rails. It’s not on rails. It’s not on rails. That’s what Stephanie told us (she had to sign a whiteboard) as she clicked together the heels on her ruby red slippers. That’s also what Peter “I’m totally going to deliver on my promises this time” Molyneux told us. If he can deliver, this may be the Kinect game you’ve finally been waiting for.


Winner: Super Mario 3DS

Why We Picked It: Super Mario 3DS is truly a Mario game like none other. It takes the gameplay style of Super Mario Bros. 3 and puts it in a 3D world. Because of this the gameplay feels unique yet familiar to fans of the Super Mario Bros. series. Super Mario 3DS is definitely going to be one platformer that every 3DS owner will need to buy and will no doubt be a long term seller throughout the life span of the 3DS.


Winner: Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster

Why We Picked It: Tim Schafer is making a Sesame Street game. This almost makes us wish we had kids. Almost.


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