You remember you were a kid, and when you had something, your parents said that having it was a privilege? Well, someone at Capcom has that saying to heart. The Sixth Axis reports that you can’t reset your progress or delete your save in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries for the 3DS. If you’re done playing, and your friend wants to play from the beginning, they’re SOL. It can’t be deleted. At all.

On the back of the box for the US version, it’s noticeable, but apparently not enough for bigger news. Capcom’s reasoning for the save lockout is for secondhand game sales.

“The game’s value at second-hand in the UK,” says Capcom, ”is not affected by whether or not the game can have its data reset. Customers in the UK will not experience a second-hand value should they wish to trade in their purchase.”

This is pretty weird. To the extent of my knowledge, no game has ever denied the standard of deleting saves. I’ll be going to Gamestop today and will update with a picture as soon as I can. In the meantime, sound off on this below.