Id Software has said and shown off quite a bit about their upcoming FPS as they look to add to their already legendary stable of games that have become household names in the genre that they made famous.  Yet, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Id co-founder and real life rocket scientist John Carmack and his team have always pushed the limits of cutting edge technology with their games, but now they’re pushing the limits of the current generation of consoles with RAGE.

Furthermore, in their latest developer diary, the guys have made a very bold statement about RAGE on consoles:

“We are arguably the best looking game on the consoles today and the point is we are running at two times the frame rate of what other people might argue is the best looking console game”

A bold statement indeed.  However RAGE does look simply amazing both on PC and consoles.  Moreover, the first time I saw RAGE being played on an Xbox 360, I actually thought it was on a PC… and I wasn’t alone.

Better yet, RipTen just interviewed id’s creative director Tim Willits about just how they got RAGE to look so damn good on consoles!! <– Check it out and be sure to stay tuned to RipTen for more on RAGE and all things id Software.