In a recent interview with Forbes, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime discussed the potential of having netflix on the Wii U controller’s screen.

When asked whether it is possible to watch a TV show on it he replied:

The messaging comes right from the console. So the programming would need to originate off the console.

The interviewer persisted and asked if Netflix was on the Wii U whether he could watch Netflix on the controller. Reggie replied:

Theoretically, that’s possible.

Unfortunately, the controller’s netflix capabilities will have limitations. When asked whether netflix could work with the Wii U console turned off, Reggie replied:

No. It’s got to be powered through the console.

Whether or not the Wii U’s controller will play Netflix probably isn’t a big issue.  If able, surely it is something Nintendo will implement. Nevertheless, it would make for a nice little perk for Nintendo’s upcoming console.