David Jaffe is many things, but an artist is not one of them.  One of the bosses in the upcoming Twisted Metal is known as the Iron Maiden \m/ and when lord Jaffe was conceptualizing the boss, he drew up some…. “rough” designs of what he wanted the boss to look like and how the fight should play out.


Glorious indeed.

I actually fought this bitch at E3 and the fight pretty much played out just like that.  Lots of driving around and pew pew lazors.  Here’s what Jaffe had to say about his awesome sketches:

Core concept? CHECK! Some of her rough gameplay represented (that Scott, Kellan, and I fleshed out LOTS more at LAST year’s Comic Con)? CHECK! Visual execution above a 5 year old ‘s art talent level? OH HELLS NO! Thank God I work with a super talented team! :)

Stay tuned to RipTen for more on Twisted Metal, David Jaffe and stick figure boss art and also be sure to check out some actual footage of the Iron Maiden from the E3 trailer below: