UPDATE:  It’s not happening… yet

When ESPN3 was announced for Xbox LIVE many sports fans were ecstatic. However there was a large group of fans who were left with nothing but frustration and disappointment. While Time Warner Cable and Bright House customers could access the still access the app, live streaming for current games were disabled.

In order to enjoy the full experience ESPN3 on XBL had to offer, you needed to get an access code from your ISP. Until recently this has been impossible for Time Warner and Bright House customers. Microsoft stated back in December 2010, that the full service would be available to those customers “soon”. As you can see, that’s clearly not the case until now. It only took close to a year, but Time Warner Cable customers can now enjoy the full experience ESPN3 has to offer. By heading over to the authentication website you can log in to your Time Warner Cable account and you will be granted with an access code.

Unfortunately for Bright House customers, no agreement has been made between the companies. Nine months later and counting, those customers are still without full access.