First appearing on our radar back in June, Dishonored is shaping up to be an intriguing first-person action experience. Eschewing the always trendy focus on modern conflicts, Dishonored will send players to the city of Dunwall with a focus on magic, swords and guns. You’ll play Corvo, the disgraced former Bodyguard to the Empress, and the dead guys will all play the meat that we slice, shoot and dice through. Promising various levels of lethality and plenty of skulking, this might just be the Thief of the Noughties. And with ex-Thief dev Harvey Smith on board as a lead developer, this has everyone in the RipTen factory stroking their muttonchops in anticipation.

If you’re having trouble waiting patiently for more details, take a sip of this arsenic tea and browse through the latest gallery of gameplay and concept shots… while you get sleepier… and sleepier…

Our editor Dave has seen Dishonored in action at Quake Con, expect a preview soon.

Dishonored is slated for a Q2 2012 release on all platforms.