Remember the very first time you tried out EA’s Mirror’s Edge and was blown away by how real and truly exhilarating the first-person free-running felt? Remember how that was immediately followed by the massive disappointment of the wonky action mechanics that were seemingly shoe-horned into the game, and you wished you could just go back to running, FOREVER?

Well, all you jaded gamers can now find solace in Fotonica, a new indie game that’s all running, all the time, without any parkour combat or assault rifles polluting its true gameplay. Developer Santa Ragione has effectively concentrated the greatness of Mirror’s Edge, Sonic the Hedgehog, and numerous other speed- and free-running-based games into a gorgeously minimalistic one-button arcade game.

The controls are simpler than anything you’ll play this year: the left-mouse button is all you need. The music fits with the stunning wireframe visuals: it’s utilitarian, functional, and very appropriate for the setting. The gameplay? Run, and make sure you don’t fall off. There’s five stages, along with a procedurally generated endless level, so boredom is entirely out of the question.

Check out some gameplay:

Sounds simple almost to a fault, but I’ve had Fotonica for a couple of weeks and every other night or so I’ve started it up with the intent of burning five minutes. Half an hour later, I’m addicted and still trying to finish that last tough-as-hell level without plunging to my death.

The best part? It’s donate-what-you-want, so if you’re a scumbag like myself, you could download it for free, through a torrent no less.

Seriously though, a studio as talented as Santa Ragione truly deserves the money, press, and everything it can get. Hopefully they’ll make enough dough from this to possibly port it to consoles, or better yet, the mobile gaming market. I can’t even imagine the kind of visual orgasms an iPad version would cause on everyone. Download and donate here, and get the word out; I wouldn’t be surprised to see these lads make it big sometime soon.