Many of us trekked down to Dallas, Texas in the 110 degree heat this year in hopes that DooM 4 would be officially unveiled at Quake Con.  Sadly, no such unveil took place… but for good reason.

It’s the year of id’s new IP, RAGE and the official announcement of DooM 4 would have clearly taken the wind out of RAGE’s sails. (and sales)  From a marketing perspective, it just makes sense NOT to show us a damn thing until RAGE is out the door.

However, that wasn’t enough for me, I had to get the official word.

So, I asked id’s Creative Director Tim Willits who told me flat out:

“We’re not going to give you guys so much as a fucking screenshot until RAGE is out the door”

Fair enough… but I wasn’t convinced, so I asked id’s technical director John Carmack:

"I'm Not Telling You Shit Dave... Let Go Of My Hand"

He confirmed what Tim said stated that it obviously wouldn’t make any sense to show us anything until RAGE was done.

Yet, I still wasn’t convinced!!  It had to be misdirection right?!  They were gonna drop a bomb at the 20 years of id panel… I just knew it!!

So, I asked id CEO Todd Hollenshead

“Dude” he said.  “If that’s what Tim and John told you… what do you think I’m gonna say?!”

Sigh, so that’s the official word… but it doesn’t make the waiting any easier.

However, the gents did let me know that once RAGE has shipped, the entire RAGE team will merge with the DooM team and then it’s FULL DOOM AHEAD, baby!


Stay tuned to RipTen for continued coverage of DooM 4, RAGE and some real interviews with these gentlemen from Quake Con 2011.