Last week I got hands on with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim down at Quake Con.

We only had an hour so to play, so I created my character rather fast.  However, all of the character creation options you have come to know and love are present… and then some.


Here’s the full size version

So, whaddaya think?  He’s a Bosmer (although he looks Dunmer) and his name… is Dicktits.

That sword he’s carrying is one I found halfway through my playthrough.  It’s hard to tell by looking at it, but the sword is imbued with fire properties and has a chance on hit to light anything I strike on fire and subsequently cause burning damage.  It’s rather awesome.

Stay tuned to RipTen for my full hands-on preview of Skyrim and more coverage of good times at Quake Con 2011.