The Mass Effect series has seen a constant evolution in terms of story, graphics and gameplay.  While many would agree that the gameplay in Mass Effect 2 was superior to it’s predecessor, many roleplayers like myself felt that the role playing elements from the original game had been stripped down.

Well, recently I got hands on with Mass Effect 3 and was pleasantly surprised to see things like increased weapon customization and deeper and more varied skill trees within the game.  Better yet, I was able to grab series executive producer Casey Hudson to talk about it:

As Casey said, in Mass Effect 3 you literally lay your weapon out in front of you to customize it, often times in the heat of battle, and can do things like add scopes, mods, barrels, different ammo types and so on.  The way in which it’s done is entirely new to the series and also entirely one of the cooler new parts of the game.

This Is How You Will See Your Weapon Laid Out In Mass Effect 3

As you also may have heard Casey say, the game’s economy has been expanded to facilitate this.  More good news considering how us roleplayers love to run around to every shop in the galaxy buying and selling rifle parts.

Likewise, the skill trees  are now deeper and more involved than ever before.  Sure, you can still set Shepard and his crew to “auto-level” but why would you when you have all new levels of custmization that really allow you to get lost in the “choices” that make the Mass Effect series so much fun for fans of shooters and RPGs alike.

It's Deeper, Baby

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