Sometimes it feels like gamers really are treated awfully by the companies who facilitate them.

Our old friend Patrick Steen has pointed out on his new site (it’s not as good as Ripten and he should have stayed here, obviously) that the cost of repairing an out-of-warranty Playstation 3 is £135 in the UK. Which is stupid when the cost of a new PS3 is £199.

This is a problem that’s hit close to home for me recently. The disc drive on my own 40Gb PS3, which I’ve had for 3 years, just stopped working. So of course, I went to find out the cost of a repair, since the paltry 3 month warranty was obviously over.

It really is £135. Sony whines:

“This figure reflects the cost of repairing a PS3 to the high standard required and includes a door-to-door courier exchange service and other general administrative costs. SCEUK does not profit from this service; in fact, it operates it at a loss in order to offer customers with out-of-warranty PS3s the best price possible.”

As Patrick points out, Sony must be pretty inefficient when Nintendo and Microsoft repair for around £70. Eventually my PS3 got fixed- by an independent- for £60ish. Why does it cost Sony so much more? It’s difficult to believe Sony’s explanation above but that’s all we have to go on.

It becomes all a bit suspicious when you look at the price of a new PS3 Slim- £199 (RRP). Is the gigantic repair cost a scheme to get people to buy brand new PS3s, since they offer better value for money? You do get a new controller, after all, and a brand new console.

If you’re savvy enough you can even get the PS3 for just £165, the same it would cost you to get your model repaired and buy a new controller off the shelf.

With the Red Ring of Death and Yellow Light of Death issues on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 respectively still in the memories of gamers, it seems a little short sighted to have such an outrageous repair cost. What do you think- should Sony focus more on improving repair costs? Perhaps build more reliable machines? Feel free to share your stories and comments with us in the comments below.