Come Get Some!!

Yet, what the hell had I just done?  Did I just push a Draugr off a cliff with a shield?  I hit the same button again.  Son of a bitch,  you can do that now?!  I believe in proper swordsman speak this would be considered a riposte of sorts, but here in Amurica, we call it shovin’.  You can shove things with your weapons now.  Awesome.  Another Draugr came at me – No time for swordplay, a quick shove to my left and he too went flying off the cliff!  Bwahahahaaaa, this was most excellent!

Well played Bethesda, it’s the little things like this that make the combat in Skyrim so much better.  The improved animations didn’t hurt either.

So, after sending a few more Draugr, skeletons and wraiths to their doom I soon came upon a large door in the side of the mountain.  My quest arrow was pointing in the direction of the door so I assumed that where I was heading was either within this mountain or somewhere on the other side of it.  Either way, it was cold, so I ventured inside.

"You Guys Mind If I Hang Out In Here?"

Down a narrow icy hallway I crept, I could hear undead abominations in the distance.  “No matter” I thought.  “They’re no match for me.”  I came upon another door and as it opened to a much warmer mountain interior and I noticed a glowing pile of dust at my feet.  In the pile lay a pair of worn leather boots and a sword.  Yet, this was wasn’t just any sword.  It was big, it was silver, it was two handed, and it was imbued with FIRE.  I equipped it immediately as my inventory screen showed it to be roughly over 9000 times better than the rusty axe I currently wielded.  “Oh, hell to the yes!” I said to myself.  “This’ll do JUST fine.”

With my trusty new sword equipped I ventured deeper into the cave.  I came upon a grand room that was clearly at the center of this mountain.  A large spiral stone staircase claimed the distance from top to bottom and I was standing smack in the middle of it.  I knew down would likely take me out, so I ventured upward in hopes of finding more epic loot.  Alas, I found nothing but more undead.  However, this time they were greeted with fiery death from damned near one slice of my two handed sword of awesome as they shrieked in agony and took burning damage over time from my blade of #winning.  The staircase was broken near the top so I ventured back down.  More undead.  I sent them to Oblivion one by one.  With my new sword, this was almost too easy.

Just then a fireball came at me.  “What the fuck?, where did that come from!?”  I heard laughter.  Vampires!  A dastardly pair of them had set up shop in the bottom of the mountain near a statue of some sort.  I should have known.  These fools were no joke and their spells were quickly draining my health.  I ran full speed and held down my attack button hoping a heavy attack would do the trick. Oh, it did the trick alright.  With one long sweeping motion I took them both down in a blaze of fire and steel.

“Suck on that, Twilight.”

As I went to loot these bloodsuckers, I realized that I was over encumbered and could not run.  Why am I always over encumbered?  /Sigh.  So, I dropped a few rusty swords and pieces of leather and continued past the vampire hideout and out of the mountain.  My quest arrow was still pointing straight forward… at least I had been going in the right direction.


“5 minutes left to play”  We were reminded.

Damn, only five minutes.  A guard rode by me on a horse.  I attempted to speak with him but was greeted only with, “I’ve no time to talk with you stranger”

“The hell you don’t!”  I pulled out my fiery broadsword of death and sliced the son of a bitch and his horse in twain like a hot knife through butter.  The horse caught fire and fell to the ground in agony but the guard… well, he flew up into the sky at 100 miles per hour ragdolling into the clouds.  God, I love Alpha Builds.

But then something damn near magical happened…

As I looked up at the sky, suddenly everything around me stopped.  The day had turned to night and above the snowy lands and frosted trees of Skyrim sat an Aurora Borealis stretching out across the night sky.  It was marvelous, it was breathtaking… and it was on a console.

Pete Hines saw my wonderment and remarked, “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

“Yeah” I said… “It’s fuckin’ beautiful.”

That had sealed it, I was sold.  I knew right then and there that I would have to take back everything I said about Skyrim after E3, and so I have.

If Bethesda can make a believer out of even the most jaded of Elder Scrolls fans such as myself, what’s going to stop you from getting lost in the world of Skyrim?  My guess is nothing.  You were already a believer, you’re just glad that finally – I am too.

Put in for those sick days now, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be unleashed on 11.11.11

You are not prepared.

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