If you entered the top floor of PAX this weekend, you were immediately engulfed by MinecraftMojang’s booth was covered in the familiar blocks we’ve come to know from Minecraft, and was mobbed the entire weekend.

The newest version, 1.8, hasn’t come out yet, but Minecraft was still available on the Sony Xperia Play and PC.  The Xperia’s visuals and capabilities were impressive- everything from the PC version seemed available on the hand held.  I was surprised by how well Minecraft played on it, and how well the Xperia’s design compliments the game – the touch pads, D-pad, and buttons were placed perfectly.  It seemed like the type of game that the Xperia was made for.

I was most excited for the PC version, and it was the little things that seemed the most enhanced. The lighting at night is different – now you can actually see in the dark.  The most affected part seemed to be the addition of experience points.  The volunteer I talked to wasn’t sure yet what they were for as Notch (creator Markus Persson) hadn’t decided yet, but that it would be in the release of 1.8.  Either way, killing random sheep just got a lot more satisfying.  I also found new NPC villages, though no NPC’s were around. Sad face.

The addition I was most excited for was the inclusion of the Enderman and I was afraid I wouldn’t get to see one during my time playing.  I did though, and it was pretty creepy, as lauded by Notch.  I kept facing it and didn’t turn away at all, so I didn’t get to see it’s fabled “attack you while you aren’t looking” feature, but the long limbs were enough to drive me to destroy it with my diamond pickaxe some random player before me had generously left (thanks bro).

Please make it go away.

Minecraft hasn’t  officially launched yet but when it does in November, it will have already sold millions of copies.  The changes are slight in each update, but they continue to improve upon a quality game that has the potential to go beyond the cult-like status than it already has.

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