If there’s one thing it seems the video games industry is known for–you know, other than being connected to those murders, large breasts, bald space marines, and dragons–it’s the mistreatment of those that work in the industry. We saw it recently with the closure of LA Noire developer Team Bondi, who had some serious issues with Rockstar. Now we’re apparently seeing it again coming from everyone’s favorite Nanosuit creators Crytek as they come under fire via an anonymous account on Tumblr, of all places.

The account, cleverly named Hire and Fire, has a post regarding the mistreatment of employees that states employees suffered medically due to all the work, but gives little in the way of concrete details. Apparently, Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli was a serious bully to his subordinates. There’s also the mentioning of Crytek demanding six months of crunch time due to management failures, along with employees having no real reason for being fired, and others being fired just because they didn’t accept redundancy offers.

When interviewed by Develop about the allegations, Avni Yerli called them:

“Completely misleading. It is very disturbing for us to think that an individual thinks we have been treating them unfairly. It’s very disappointing.”

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