I’m sure many of you have been exploring the massive island of Banoi in Dead Island, but how many of you actually came across any secrets or easter eggs? Well RipTen is here to help. Banoi has many secrets, some of which are still a mystery, but we have a few for you today that we think you may enjoy.

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Remember the huge controversial trailer released by Deep Silver for Dead Island? Yes, the one with the little girl flying out the window. While many people tend to say Dead Island didn’t live up to the hype (we disagree, we think the game is fucking awesome), Techland decided to include a little easter egg. You can actually view the family from the trailer. Check it out below.

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie in your life, there’s a damn good chance the name “Jason Voorhees” rings a bell. In the beautiful jungles of Banoi, Jason lives. Not only is he fighting off a horde of zombies with this classic machete, there’s also a wieldable chainsaw in his cabin.

Perhaps one of the most interesting mysteries in Dead Island is a series of skulls that appear around the island. Not only do you have to find a color-coated skull, you’ll need to know where to take the skull in order to activate it. The game does provide visual clues, but only if you’re basically in the area where it needs to be placed.

For example, if you found the brown skull, you might see brown finger painting (I hope to good it’s not zombie shit) on the side of a mountain, indicating you need to climb up to reach your destination. Here’s a few skulls that have been found.

What’s even more fascinating about these skulls is once they’re placed in the correct location, you’ll be gifted a “developer mod”. From my personal experience, each mod requires at least 5 diamonds and $10,000, along with another item such a large battery.

By delivering the brown skull to the correct location, you’ll be granted a “developer 666 craft” which basically shoots electric from your hands draining all your stamina. It’s pretty fucking sweet. Check it out!

Have you found any additional skulls, easter eggs, or secrets in Dead Island? Be sure to let us know in the comment section. Happy Zombie Hunting!!