The last three games in Bethesda‘s flagship Elder Scrolls series have always pushed the boundaries of game visuals. This is especially true of Morrowind and Oblivion, but their latest open world role playing extravaganza, Skyrim, is no slouch either.

That being said, today’s PC gaming  technology is roughly 10x more powerful than current gaming consoles.  So, what could an already beautiful game like Skyrim look like if combined with next gen PC tech?  Well, it would probably look something like this…

Minus the guns and nanosuits of course.  ^__^

This video was made possible by combining the power of Crytek‘s CryEngine with an ‘Extreme Quality Mod’ and a custom map known as Hunter’s Life.

Now, watch that again (you know you want to) but this time imagine you can hear Todd Howard at the beginning saying, “Welcome to Elsweyr…”

Will the next Elder Scrolls game look this good?  Will it look better?!  Do you want to freeze yourself for five years just so you can wake up and  find out?

Yeah… me too.

If you want to do this to your copy of Crysis and pretend you’re playing Elseweyr (in a nano suit) follow these links:

Get the Extreme Quality Mod here:

Get the map (Hunter’s Life) here:…

If you have no idea how to apply mods, follow this tutorial:

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