The Bosmer I Made At Quake Con 2011, You've Probably Seen Him Around

Faendal was obviously happy to see me, having already heard the news that I had dashed the plans of that Nordly douche.  We chatted for a bit about nothing in particular and then an interesting dialogue choice popped up.

Would you like to join me?

“Lead the way!” Faendal replied.

Really?  That’s it?  I must admit I was a bit taken back.  Why did he follow me so easily?  Was it because I was a fellow Bosmer?  Was it because I had just thwarted a plan against him?  Was it because he was in Riverwood and nothing in Riverwood makes any damn sense?  I honestly don’t know. All I know is that I now had a companion.  A Bosmer.  A Ranger.  A friend.  He can even train me in archery! (for a price)  Splendid!  We were off.

There was still no time to waste.  We headed over to the general store where Camilla and her brother Lucan resided.  Once inside I decided to try out the companion command system.

This Is Not Camilla, But I Liker Her Anyway.

When I turned to speak with Faendal I was given choices of what he could be told to do and could then pretty much point at anything.  The commands were basically, Steal this, Attack that and Wait here.  Simple enough.  However, I wondered if Faendal was truly under my control.  Seeing as we were already in the shop of his beloved Camilla’s brother, I pointed over to a healing potion on the counter and instructed him to Steal it.  To my slight surprise, he scowled and said, “Not for you, not for anyone!”  I was given the same reply when I instructed him to attack Lucan.  “Not for you, not for anyone!”  Fair enough.  At least that made sense.  What disappointed me however was the lack of interaction between Faendal and Camilla.  By that I mean there hardly was any.  I had just exposed the lies of Sven to her and informed my brother Bosmer that Camilla wanted to be with him.  Yet when we entered her shop together, they did not say a word to one another.  No confirmation of my quest outcome, not a hug, not a kiss, not even a hello.  Alas, no AI is perfect, but this left me feeling a bit let down.

I spoke to Camilla’s brother the shopkeep in hopes of buying some wares when he informed me that a priceless item had just been stolen from them. (Oh noes)

“Oh no you don’t” I said to myself.  “I know what this is.  This is the lead up to the Golden Claw quest!  You’re not gonna trick me into going on that damn quest, I’ve already seen it a thousand times!”

“Could you do me and my sister a favor?” He asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Excellent, she will lead the way!” He replied

“Wait, what?”



Some things in life are truly inevitable.

So, Camilla led Faendal and I out of the shop (they still hadn’t said a word to one another) and we proceeded to head toward Bleak Falls Barrow.  Oh joy.

On the bright side, I already knew this quest well and figured I could use this as an opportunity to gain some quick levels and get some decent loot for me an my companion.  Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all… even without Todd Howard’s calming voice leading me to victory.

So we stop in the local bar you know people.  I go to the bar, I ring my bow, I call the  bartender.  I said “Look man, come down here”, he got down there, “So, what you want?”

Oh, nothing really, just seeing if you had any quests…

I noticed Sven was in the bar too.  He looked at me and Faendal and said something about how we should get out of town while we still could.  He didn’t do anything about it though.  Hell, you’d probably pussy out as well if two bad ass Bozzies came into your pub packing longbows.  What?  Bozzies is totally a word.  Go start your own gaming website and you can make up words too.

Anyway, I instructed Faendal to wait downstairs (Rather comically next to Sven) and I proceeded to herp derp around the bar.  I noticed the questgiver who was voiced by Jim Cummings on my last playthrough was nowhere to be found this time around.  Maybe he didn’t start drinking til later on?  Anyhow, I walked upstairs to one of the rooms for rent and was followed angrily by the bartender/innkeeper.

“Piss off!” I wish I could have said. “I’m not here to steal anything, I’m just testing the radiant AI!”

So, with no other quests to be had and a belly full of ale, we were off on the one and only Golden Claw quest.  Woop de freakin doo.