If you don’t remember Anonymous, they were the same hacker group who allegedly brought down the PSN back in April of this year.

This time though, Anonymous is going after Sony because of the company’s support for SOPA, the new act in Congress regarding Internet piracy. If you’re not sure what SOPA is, you can read a decent summary of it here. But I can give you a very quick tl;dr. It’s your parents… trying to regulate the Internet. Now I know there are tech savvy adults out there, but there’s also the adults out there who can’t make head or tails of how email works. Realize that a large majority of Congress is made up of people older than your parents who are trying to regulate piracy without an actual working knowledge of how piracy works. Yeah, that’s scary. In the end, if SOPA is passed, YouTube videos showing gameplay can cause you to be persecuted for piracy.

Why do companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft support it then? Because, in short. They’re businesses. Any excuse to stop piracy is a good thing for them. And the videogame industry is not unfamiliar to piracy.

So, Anonymous is now threatening to bring down Sony’s network, yet again. Well, they’ve done it before. They probably can do it again, despite the new security measures that Sony has probably put in. My only question now is why Anonymous is only targeting Sony. Why not Nintendo and Microsoft?