Members of the Steam group “A Call for Communication” will be playing Half-Life 2 simultaneously this Saturday to send a message to Valve.

The group, which is asking for Valve to release some sort of confirmation or information about Half-Life Episode 3 (or Half-Life 3, if that is the case), will be playing from 11:00am until 11:30am PDT (7:00pm-7:30pm GMT) on February the 4th, this Saturday.

The mass-playing is done in the hope that Valve will notice their efforts through positive means rather than just complaining.

Instead of focusing efforts in a negative and disrespectful way, we have decided to gain Valve’s attention by delivering a basic message: Your oldest and longest running fanbase would like better communication.

Why not join them? There’s nothing to lose. You get to play a fantastic game, one of the best ever made, and feel solidarity with your gaming community. It’s a great idea and I’ll be trying my best to join in.

Via [PC Gamer]