Remember when we reported that a Facebook game for would get you some Avatar items? Now it’ll get you early access to the game’s demo. Players will have three chances to decode a sequence of four icons. If you fail, you’ll have 2 hours to wait before you can try again. That’s right. Two. Hours. If you succeed, on the other hand, will get you a code that you can redeem for either an Avatar item or the demo. Currently, this Facebook game will only provide goodies for the 360 version of Mass Effect 3.

You can check out the Facebook app right here.

You’ll note that this is an app designed for EU players. It isn’t clear whether codes earned will work on accounts from other regions. We’re trying to get one for ourselves, but it appears that success is random. We’ll be sure to update the story as more information becomes available.

There is also a Mass Effect 3 Mission Command Facebook app, which definitely works with US accounts. Through this, players can complete weekly missions to earn Mass Effect prizes. So far, missions have tasked Facebook users to invite friends to participate, with a Normandy SR-2 Avatar prop as incentive. The second week challenged gamers to flirt with Liara (Paragon) or blow her off (Renegade) and come up with the best pickup line. Those selected as the best will receive early demo access.

Mass Effect 3 begins fighting for Earth on March 6 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. If you’re still hesitant on the game, read up on our recent trip to Mars–or try the demo out yourself when it releases in full this Tuesday.

Update: As of 8:40 PM EST on February 12, the app for early demo codes (not the Mission Command app) is reporting that all the codes are gone.

via IGN