If you’re hankering for some 8-bit, downloadable open world chaos, Vblank Entertainment’s got your back. Their long awaited crime parody Retro City Rampage will now be released in May. In addition to the Xbox Live Arcade and Wiiware, creator Brian Provinciano revealed that there’ll be versions for the PS3, Playstation Vita, and PC. All of them are expected to release in May. Provinciano also made a post on the Playstation Blog about what you can expect in the game:

  • Stealth, platforming, and underwater levels
  • Over 50 missions, with extensive cities that have stores, buildings, and activities to interact with
  • An Arcade Mode, for those of you that like that just wreck the town to your heart’s content, with over 30 fast-paced and score based challenges
  • 25+ weapons and power ups
  • The ability to share replays with your friends as you try to dethrone them

All of that sounds awesome, right? If you’re a PC player, you can preorder it right now at retrocityrampage.com for bonuses, including a downloadable mini-soundtrack, a digital manual and 20% off the Retro City Rampage Collection.

“Maxime Trépanier’s been doing art and the music guys are still doing some polish but I’m still juggling everything else myself. I’m self publishing on PlayStation. Sony’s fantastic that they allow you to do that.”

After this, though, don’t expect anything so big in scale. He understandably wants to take a breather after this game is through:

“I’ve got many ideas and definitely want to do more open-world games, but right after RCR I will take a breather and work on something small and different. Hopefully something that takes maybe 8 weeks instead of 8 years.”

It’s nice to see that the Vita is being considered as an equal distribution platform as Playstation Network for PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade for the 360. This could start a trend of taking our favorite downloadable titles on the go, which would give gamers a reason to go with the PSN version instead of the XBLA release.

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