Sometimes, comedy just writes itself. When copies of Mass Effect 3 were going to be launched off into space for some lucky people to find, you knew that it’d end with some laughs. And it looks like that time is now.

One of the packages containing Mass Effect 3 is stuck in a tree in San Francisco. A 150-foot tree. At the moment, 10 people are gathered around the tree, coming up with a way to knock it down. Currently, they’re planning on slingshotting it down:

“We couldn’t find a water balloon slingshot, so we’re going to try with marbles! If that fails, a guy at Home Depot offered to make us a potato gun.”

Ladies and gentlemen, cue the memes. On your mark…get set…GO! Everyone else, in the meantime, will have to wait for the other balloons to show up or buy Mass Effect 3 in just a few more weeks.

[Source: Game Informer]