In the latest attempt to use vague language to spin numbers, Sony has announced, during a panel at the Game Developers Conference, that they have shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move units.

While Sony may deem that a success, pulling apart the company’s statement does alter perception of that number.  “Shipped,” as Sony’s Gabe Ahn clarified, did not mean units actually sold to consumers.  Unfortunately, neither Ahn, nor anyone else from Sony disclosed that much more telling number.  The 10.5 million units is in reference to what has been shipped to retailers, thus including both what has been sold and what may still be sitting on store shelves.

To even further pick at the number, the 10.5 million units is the number of both Move and Navigation controllers combined that have been shipped.

Despite how this parceling out of information may diminish the company’s sales achievement in most gamers’ minds, Sony still considers the Move a success according to Ahn.  Furthermore, he promised that the Move would continue to be a part of Sony’s strategy moving forward.

The Move certainly does have games to look forward to, including Sorcery, which requires the Move controller and recently received a release date for May 22, 2012 in North America and May 23 in Europe.  In addition, major titles like BioShock Infinite and PixelJunk 4AM are including motion-controlled capabilities.  Sony is surely looking to push those shipped units into the homes of consumers through the rest of 2012.

via [Eurogamer]