As Bungie bows out of the Halo universe and on to new adventures, they leave the gamers with an enjoyable stats page. Tons of information is listed with the typical Bungie good humor. In particular, is my new understanding of how much steak I get out of a cow (just visit the page). Also, you violent boys and girls have murdered each other 136 billion times, but only assisted each other 46 billion times.

The stats shown on this sheet bring back memories of the time I spent online with friends. Sad to see such a great developer leave such a fantastic franchise, but with luck 343 Industries will keep the magic going with Halo 4. Where Bungie goes next has not yet been announced, but they are hiring experienced PS3 folks. No matter what the future holds for Halo fans, this stat page is a fine farewell from a studio that has brought gamers 235,000 years of entertainment (it’ll make sense after you read the stats).