Earlier today, BioWare announced that the latest patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic would be deployed Thursday April 12th, along with an extended period of scheduled maintenance.

All servers will be down for eight hours on April 12th, from 12:01AM CDT. As ever, predicted maintenance times are just that, and the roll out may take longer than expected.

Update 1.2 adds extensive Legacy options to your characters, allowing a greater range of freedom in character creation in addition to various quality of life perks such as mailboxes aboard your ship and bonuses to your companions. The patch also adds a new flashpoint, new operation and new warzone, new daily missions and a fully customizable interface.

The patch is expected to clock in at 1gb, so if you’re on a slower connection, prepare yourself for a waiting period before you can dive in.

The official announcement can be found here, with the coming changes also documented.