Each morning, get a cup of coffee, Mountain Dew, or whatever poison you choose, grab your mobile device or pad, and join yours truly for some free gaming (or apping) to start off the day. See you here at 9:30 PST every morning.

Today, you get to be a zombie if you are on iOS. If you are an Android user, you get to break more bricks. Not the level of excitement that yesterday brought, but at free, they should both keep you busy until we roll the dice and try for something new tomorrow.

Let us know what you think.



Infect Them All Here!
Infect Them All’s developer explains the game by letting you know “You are gonna fascinated” and “Infect Them All is a game that can make zombie world by infecting and eating people.” So there you go, make zombie world while you get fascinated.

Brick Buster Pro Here!
According to Brick Buster Pro’s developer, “Hours of game fun“ are included. It’s a typical block breaker. I’m more likely to spend some time on this one, though I do love some zombies.


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