If you’re a  fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who, like me, has been going through withdrawal symptoms after finishing the game, the good news is that your wait for news on the long-rumored DLC is finally at an end. Bethesda has officially announced the summer 2012 release of Dawnguard, the first of hopefully a few DLC expansions for the massvely popular and thoroughly life-consuming role playing game.

Bethesda has not revealed any specific details as to what Dawnguard will contain, however fans have uncovered evidence of Snow Elves, the crossbow being an added weapon, new guilds to join and lands beyond the map to explore. Bethesda has stated previously that their approach to additional content for Skyrim will emphasize quality over quantity, so fans wouldn’t be blamed for expecting a substantial amount of content given the time elapsed since the game’s release. While the console versions have only received patches and minor gameplay fixes, the PC platform has a robust community of mod creators who have compensated somewhat for the lack of official DLC.

This good news does come with a catch, however, as Dawnguard has only been confirmed for the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim. This is due to an exclusivity agreement between Bethesda and Microsoft, which stipulates that the first two DLC expansions will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform for the first 30 days. Owners of the Playstation 3 and PC versions will hopefully see a release shortly thereafter. Whether it will be another six moths until the second DLC expansion gets released, that is anyone’s guess.

Bethesda will reveal more information on Dawnguard at E3 2012, which runs from June 5 to 7.