One of the drawbacks of downloading an entire game from the a service like Steam is the length of time it can take to complete the download, which varies significantly depending on your internet connection. Well, the good people a Valve, the makers of Steam, have thought of this problem and are incorporating a remote download option that allows you to use the power of the Internet to ensure games are waiting for you on your home PC. Hopefully this can help ease the angst that we all feel when forced to wait hours for a game to download.

The idea behind the remote download interface is fairly simple. By leaving your home PC powered on and connected to Steam, you can access it from another computer remotely and install games while away from home. Simply log into Steam from a web browser, select the game you want to download and then click “Install”. This initiates the download on your home PC and, assuming nothing crashes or goes awry with your internet connection,  it will be finished and installed by the time you get home. This is a huge benefit, as some game downloads can take so long that rigor mortis sets in before it’s done. Being able to do it remotely and have it download while you’re out working, partying and generally focusing on other things is a good thing indeed.

The remote downloading service is currently being beta tested by Valve, however it  is unclear if it will eventually integrate with the Steam Mobile App that launched earlier this year. Presumably it eventually will, as this feature would be perfect for accessing on your iOS or Android device. Either way, it’s a smart feature that Steam players will surely benefit from.

via[Shack News]