While former RipTen managing editor Dave Oshry, our features editor Stephanie Gutowski, and I were standing patiently in line at the Irvine Spectrum Center, waiting for the #1100-somethings to be called up to pick up pre-order copies of Diablo III and have them signed by 150 Blizzard devs, NeoGAF member Yoshichan was already well on his way to beating the game.

In fact, at the time of this writing, Diablo III‘s barely been loaded up for me. Apparently Yoshichan’s already made a complete run through in an insane 12 hours and 29 minutes on normal with a level 32 Barbarian. I’m absolutely jealous of Diablo III fans in Oceania and Asia, as you folk have already had a copy for almost 24 hours while I haven’t even gotten to start the game. *shakes sleepy, non-coherent fist*

And I suppose everyone’s too busy to care about such a feat, since you’re all probably already buried deep into a Diablo 3 no-sleep run through. I seethe with jealousy.

Here’s a screenshot of his proof: