Though I greatly enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins- and am in fact slowly playing through the PC version for the first time- I’ve never taken the opportunity to play through Dragon Age 2. While the Metacritic scandal left a bad taste in my mouth, the main reason I’ve yet to play the sequel is the tepid response the game received from media outlets. It seemed to me that while most everyone agreed it was good, there was always so many caveats about reused locations, less varied skill trees, sloppy quest organization and a dialogue system that ditched the original game’s design in favor of Mass Effect’s “wheel of vagueness” that I’ve chosen to pass on the game. But if you’re one of the people who feels they have ideas that could improve the Dragon Age universe, now’s your chance.

BioWare has begun a “Dragon Age: Question of the Month” series where they’ll ask the fan community a question about the series and possibly take those answers into account for “novels, animated features, pen and paper RPGs, and comics” as well as “future games.” This month’s question is “What would you like to discover and learn about the Dragon Age world,” and the forums are already teeming with suggestions, with many posters wanting to see more of the world outside Ferelden by exploring Tevinter and Orlais, while one poster insists:

more lesbians. game definitely needs more lesbians.

While the next Dragon Age is all but officially confirmed, it’s good to see that they’re talking to the audience about where they want the series to go. You can read the question post here, and participate in the discussion here.