CCP gets far too little credit as a consistently lovable developer. Since mid-way through 2003 they have been releasing frequent updates for their flagship title Eve Online. The expansions have kept the game gorgeous, exciting, feature-filled, and besides the subscriber fee, all updates have been free-of-charge. “Inferno” launches tomorrow as the 17th major update, and boy, it’s a big one.

One of the most prominent changes is a graphical update, encompassing a major visual overhaul to Amarr faction’s fleet and a completely revised missile and launcher system that vastly improves missile flight paths and explosive effects. Players will also be introduced to kill reports, a new war declaration system, and many other features to aid new players on their journey into zero space. A full update overview can be found here.

The update releases on May 22, and once again comes at no costs to subscribed players. If you’re a space pilot with patience and a will to learn, head over to the official Eve Online site to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

As for that headline, well… it seems that right before this video was made, the President of Iceland got his own preview of the upcoming expansion. I wonder how he felt about the recent griefer siege of the Jita system.