iPhone apps come and go, are downloaded and deleted, but there are the lucky few that earn a permanent spot on our home screens.  For me, such an app has been the enduring tower defense title Fieldrunners.  Unfortunately, I may have to soon say good-bye to the title with the impending release of Fieldrunners 2.

Presenting players with a wide-open map, placement of the towers defined how enemies moved from the entrance to their exit in the 2008 hit.  This hook provided numerous ways of completing a level and allowed for some inventive solutions.  Replayability was the name of the game, and even after completing a level I would find myself trying new paths whenever possible to make it just a few rounds further.

Fieldrunners 2 looks to be delivering more of what made the original so endearing while also refining aspects of its predecessor.  Developer Subatomic Studios is promising new levels, enemies, and towers to make for even more varied choices.  The game is said to include over 20 levels, more than 20 upgradeable towers, and upwards of 30 enemies.  With numbers like those, far eclipsing the content of the original game before its many updates, expect to lose the majority of your summer to the upcoming release.

Few other specifics have been revealed so far, but the return of this franchise, after almost four years, is one of my more anticipated releases of the coming months.  Subatomic has released a bevy of new screenshots that show off the much more stylized, cartoonish look of the title, enhancing the art design of the original’s charm.  Expect more information on the title in the coming weeks and stay tuned to the Fieldrunners Twitter account, which remains frequently active thanks to the dedicated team at Subatomic.

Fieldrunners 2 will release for iPhone toward the end of June, with an iPad release soon to follow.  A price point has yet to be announced.