Now that free-to-play online FPS games are becoming more of a thing, Sony Online Entertainment has decided to chime in with the recent publishing deal for Death Race Bullet Run, a fast-paced reality show PC shooter that throws players into a warzone with other blood-hungry stars killing their way to fame. ACONY Games is currently leading development and promises up 20-player matches across 6 maps with 14 weapons available at launch. Players can further customise their kit by creating modifications such as scopes and silencers, and utilising powerful skills that unlock as matches progress.

ACONY has coined Bullet Run as ‘pro-wrestling meets Big Brother with guns.’ While killing is your business, the heart of Bullet Run is a crowd-excitement meter called the Heat system. Players can dazzle the crowd with tactical play, revenge kills, and taunting the camera after demolishing other contestants. Character will also sound off with sassy attitudes, and commentators will adapt to gameplay to keep the experience feeling like a celebrity showdown.

So, it’s free-to-play. What’s the catch?

Players can choose to spend real money on clothes, abilities, and weapon upgrades for their character, but all of this can be attained without spending a single dime. Fans and Credits can be earned through gameplay, however paying players can buy boosters to generate income faster.

Beta sign-ups are already underway at the official Bullet Run website and we can expect a release during the summer season later this year.