Diablo III has seen it’s fair share of hiccups in the first couple weeks of release. We are still waiting for updates on the PVP aspects of the game, and more importantly (to me at least) we are going to continue waiting for the real money transactions to go live for the RMT Auction House. Originally it was set to release on May 22, then May 29, now… the future.

Of course, we will update you with info as it becomes available. This will also have an effect on the timing of the second half of our Diablo III review. I may even update it with the final pieces for hell and inferno difficulty as well as the points I saved for part two, then do a third smaller update on the RMTAH depending on how long the delay is. Hopefully PVP isn’t too far away so we can get that rolled into the review this year as well. Anyways, frustrating as it may be to have to wait for some of these pieces of the game, it’s enjoyable, and you can see me give it a Davy Jones style fangirl loving in our RipTen Review: Diablo III Part I