When you unbox the Blade, the first thing you’ll realize is that this thing is indeed gorgeous.  Thinner than a MacBook pro (not the new one) with a smooth black aluminum chassis that’s oh-so-sophisticated in every way.  The matte finish is only interrupted by the embossed green Razer logo – which of course glows a lovely shade of Razer green when powered on.

Seemed appropriate.

Weighing in at less than 7lbs (6.4 not 6.9 as stated in that image above) you can spin the Blade on your fingertip like a basketball if you so wish.  As Razer says, the Blade is truly portable.  I found this out first hand when I brought the Blade up to GDC in San Francisco.  Razer had forgotten to ship my review unit with a case so I had to put it in the seat back pocket of my Jeep.  To my surprise, it fit rather snugly.  Just don’t tell Razer that.

The first time I set the Blade up was in a hotel room.  That’s when I noticed that it wasn’t only the laptop itself that carried a low profile.  The power brick was also the slimmest I’d ever seen.

GTA Mug Not Included

Sleekness simply oozes from the Blade and it did not go unnoticed.  Everywhere I went people asked me about it.  At GDC I brought it to the press room and other writers just wanted to touch it.  At LAX I got asked about it by the TSA.

Don't ask me where I hid the power brick...

At JFK I damn near picked up a girl at a coffee shop with it and while sitting on a plane I made one guy with a MacBook very jealous.

I think he's doing his taxes.

But enough about how damn pretty the thing is and how cool I felt while getting to carry it around the country.  I’m not here to tell you that buying a Razer Blade will get you laid (because it won’t) but let me say that yes, this is the “sexiest” laptop I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.  In fact, if not for the Blade, I’m not even sure you could put sexy and laptop in the same sentence.  So at least there’s that.