Played The Walking Dead‘s second episode, “Starved for Help,” (and if you haven’t, read our PC and Xbox 360 reviews to find out why you should) but ready for more of Telltale Games‘ impressive adaptation?  Fear not, zombie fans, because the developer is determined to deliver the game on time and not too far from the launch of episode two.

Telltale announced on the their blog that episode three, entitled “Long Road Ahead” is set to hit in the middle of August.  While the exact date has not been finalized, the goal is to have the game released across all platforms – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC – in as small a window as possible.  Though episode two arrived during its promised June window, Telltale expresses disappointment that it was released later than anticipated, so the studio is making every effort to arrive on time.

The tone of the post is definitely one of gratitude, and it is nice to see the company react so strongly to its fans, who have been flocking to the series, which is one of the developer’s strongest episodic franchises.  An end of summer release is smart, as there will still not be much to compete with in the middle of August, keeping the game on the minds of fans even as the fall rush begins.  Hopefully Telltale will continue to deliver quality entries with the remaining three episodes, and I would expect a culmination, or at the very least episode four, around the time of The Walking Dead TV show’s third season premiere in October.