This past June, Cat gave an exciting description of the gameplay trailer for Metro: Last Light that was being shown at E3 2012. Well, now you can see all the action for yourself as the the footage being shown to press is now available to the public. Check it out:

While Metro 2033 had sluggish combat, broken stealth, and often didn’t fully explain its systems, the game had a great sense of place. The trailer shows that the next game in the series keeps the atmospheric environment and improves the gunplay as the creatures don’t seem to soak up bullets this time. Weapons are still that nice mix of old-world arms mixed with post-disaster, jury-rigged guns, and I love that they kept the hand-held generator and bullet-lighter. One worrying thing is the amount of resources that the game seems to be giving out. Shotgun shells under an airplane seat? Hmm. Also, there doesn’t seem to be the cracking of the air-mask- something that was truly terrifying in the first game.

Seeing as this is footage from an alpha game designed to show off particular aspects of the game though, all my criticisms may be nulled when the game comes out.

Metro: Last Light is planned for release PS3, XBox 360, and PC in 2013.