If you’re an amateur video game historian, one of the games you’ve no doubt come upon is the The Great Giana Sisters. Released in 1987, the game was created for PC gamers that had no interest in purchasing consoles but wanted a Super Mario Bros.-like experience. The game is copyright infringingly similar with its use of mushrooms, red goon stomping and an almost exact replica of 1-1. The game went completely untouched for more than two decades save for a DS version of the game with a graphical overhaul that was released three years ago by the IP’s holder, Spellbound. Black Forest Games (a team assembled by ex-employees of Spellbound, which went belly up a few months ago) aims to bring the sisters back though, with a new Kickstarter project.

Titled Project Giana, the game will be a platformer that focuses on a particular element of the original title: split personality. While it didn’t have any gameplay effect before, the Giana Sisters are actually one lady with two sides- one conservative and one punkish. Project Giana will employ Outland-esque quick-switching to challenge players. Here’s the Kickstarter video:

Though the project’s goal is rather high at $150,000, it has already garnered close to $5,000 only a few hours into the project. This is probably due in part to the fact that the dev wisely have gameplay to show and are using the project to finish the game off as opposed to start it from the ground up. A $10 donation will net you a copy of the PC game, which is scheduled to come out this October. You can check out more details at the project’s page here.