The reboot of the hit snowboarding franchise SSX has been on the market for over five months with only asynchronous multiplayer.  Boarders could only race and trick their way down the mountain against holographic representations of better scores.  But fans wantin a true head-to-head mode need wait no longer; developer EA Canada has released a patch today that adds two new game types for the well-received action sports title.

After teasing the mode with a trailer a few days ago, EA Sports has updated the title with the awkwardly titled “3-2-1 GO!” mode.  Rather than racing only holograms, players will wait in their helicopters until other players have joined the match, and then the titular countdown begins.  A trick event, players must achieve the highest score before reaching the end of the course.  As an added twist, a countdown timer has been introduced, meaning players must worry about their scores and complete the course before the timer runs out.

Additionally, Freeroam has been introduced, allowing players to simply explore the snow-covered hills and valleys without worry of earning a medal.  Ride to the bottom, and a helicopter awaits boarders to return to the top.  Additionally, the patch introduces a few fixes to some nagging issues in the title.

As a huge fan of the franchise and of the reboot, I’m excited to see this addition, as it was something I wanted from release.  The Need for Speed Autolog-esque system worked well, but I have fond memories of playing against friends in real life with earlier entries in the franchise.  It should be exciting to replicate this experience online, but I can’t imagine this will bring many new players to the series.  Hopefully, this will bring lapsed players holding onto their copies of SSX back into the snowboarding mayhem.

via [Gaming Examiner]