Following the recent unfortunate news about two major players departing from Irrational Games comes word of a welcome addition.  The team behind BioShock Infinite has gained a member who, fans will be happy to know, has quite a bit of experience to draw from. Rod Fergusson has joined Irrational, though in what capacity remains a mystery.  Fergusson previously worked for Gears of War developer Epic Games for almost eight years in an executive producer capacity, helping to shepherd one of the Xbox 360’s most important franchises.

This is definitely a welcome snippet of information about the internal rumblings at the BioShock developer.  Kotaku reported the news along with a longer examination of the troubled development cycle of Infinite.  While most of the information is from unnamed sources, it seems plausible that the team would have dabbled in the multiplayer realm to see the results.

There are some other intriguing tidbits sprinkled throughout the coverage, and once the game actually releases a retrospective on its production would likely be a fascinating tale.  Regardless of what has gone on in the past, it is good to see Fergusson joining the team in these last few months.  He has already stated on his Twitter that he has played the game and is looking forward to showing it off, and I am sure many in the industry would love to see what has so thoroughly impressed him.  Though we shouldn’t expect Gears of War-level carnage to suddenly appear in the next demo, fans can only hope BioShock Infinite reaps the benefits of this hiring in time for its release on February 26, 2013.

via [Game Informer]