In an ARG that was solved so quickly that I wasn’t even aware it had happened, the internet has followed a series of clues that led to the discovery of a new Team Fortress 2 comic that added to the game’s lore. After following the rabbit hole all way down through sound files, collating item names and mixing up a secret recipe, the discovered comic revealed that a third Mann brother had been born. You can read the public google doc that tracked the community’s progress here, and read the comic here.

The comic was soon followed by the announcement that TF2 would be receiving a horde mode. Here’s the video:

As noted, the new mode will start up August 15th, and the game’s site—which is worth looking at as it has some neat info—also promises two more updates as part of the event, titled ‘Mercs’ and ‘Bounty’ respectively.

I await glorious, new robot hats!