Bring on Abobo with his meat hooks and Linda with her whip. Double Dragon Neon is coming next week (September 11 on PSN and September 12 on XBLA). To mark the occasion, the fine folks at Wayforward Technologies have dropped off some new screenshots and a trailer that are positively dripping with hairspray and leg warmers.

Yes. Leg warmers can drip. Clearly you either weren’t alive to see it happen or the giant cell phones have irradiated your brain.

It’s that kind of nostalgia (the part of your brain that’s left after the cell phone irradiation) that is driving our excitement for a reimagining of Technos‘ classic arcade beat ‘em up. During my childhood, I obsessed over the NES version of the game, very likely hurling my first curse words at an Abobo (those are big dudes that will smack you around with their kung-fu grip).

I can’t wait to take control of Billy and Jimmy Lee once more when the game arrives next week. For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with the screenshots and gameplay trailer below.