Rumors of substantial patches and/or updates to the Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers mode have been circulating around the web and twitter-sphere for the past week or so now.  Just how true are they?  Well, a tip provided to me by Madden 13 Senior Designer and Connected Careers Guru, Josh Looman, may offer up a clue.

I was able to chat extensively today with Josh, and though the majority of our Connected Careers focused discussion will be revealed in my RipTen Madden 13 mega review, yet to be published, I do have one scoop for you passed on to me by Josh himself.

While he wouldn’t be specific in terms of what the suprise announcement was, he stated that the Connected Careers team has been working very hard and has a “shock” worthy reveal up their sleave that they plan to announce either tonight or tomorrow.  And this isn’t something we’ll have to wait months to get our hands on either.  Josh quickly added that they hope to have it in the game within a weeks time from the announcement.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that whatever they are working on is much more than a mere roster update.  Josh stated that he initially wasn’t sure if this would be something they would be able to get done in time, but thanks to the dilligent effort of he and his team, it became clear that the feature was on track to becoming possible sooner rather than later. Could this be the highly requested player editing capability? Only time will tell.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming reveal and our Madden 13 mega review complete with Josh Looman Q&A no Connected Careers fan (or even Franchise Mode lover) will want to miss. I promise.

Update: EA Sports has officially revealed the scoop we reported to you earlier in the day as none other than the return of Fantasy Drafts. Read more about it here.

Update #2: The Ripten MEGA Review of Madden NFL 13 has gone live. If you are looking for the most complete review to date then this is your go to destination.