A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip into New York City to check out a shotgun blast of titles from Canadian developer Frima. In addition to some kid-friendly tablet offerings and a clever PlayStation Move-powered game show, one of the things they showed off was a new take on bullet hell title A Space Shooter for Free.

While I enjoy the genre, it usually only holds my attention in short bursts. That’s why I’m concerned that their 60-second version, A Space Shooter Blitz is going to be my new iPhone crack. The goal is to rack up as high a multiplier as possible in your limited time. The balancing act is that the higher your kill count, the more enemies that will be thrown at you. Each burst of game play culminates in a random boss battle before your score is thrown up on the leaderboard.

Given that this is a free title, monetization rears its head. You can buy extra play tokens or one-time use consumables to give you an extra edge. None of that is required, though. You can play a few times each day for free and never need to spend a dime.

A Space Shooter Blitz isn’t going to make you flex your brain cells. In fact, it might be better if you turn your gray matter off; it’ll just get in the way. You can see for yourself right now by nabbing the game on iOS, Android and Facebook.