OK. This might be the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done. Our friends over at Aeria Games asked us if we would be interested in giving away some item bundles to our readers. Of course, we want to give you all the goodies we can.

Then 1,000 codes showed up. This is a big deal, especially as Shaiya’s newest episode, “Trinity Artifact,” will bring new zones and an increased level cap (to 80). The new chapter takes players in both the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury factions to the islands of Mystra. There, the local inhabitants are in the midst of a civil war, complicating the search for the legendary treasures.

New monsters, new islands and enhancements to the game’s PvP await players. Those interested in jumping in for the first time can download the client for free here.

As we mentioned, we’ve also got item bundles to give away on the Normal and Phoenix servers. If you’d like one, simply email michael[at]ripten[dot]com with the subject line “Shaiya Item Giveaway.” Make sure you indicate for which server you’re interested in.

The bundles include:

  • Operator’s Exclusive (Improves your odds of linking)
  • Medium Sun EXP Stone (+50% EXP for 7 days)
  • Sun EXP Stone (NT) (+50% EXP for 1 day)
  • Recreation Rune (Re-rolls bonus orange stats on gear)
  • Sprint Nostrum (Improves move speed temporarily)

We’ll answer your requests in the order they are received.